Turbobit premium account plans

1 month


0.33 usd/day


6 months


0.19 usd/day

1 year


0.16 usd/day


2 years


0.12 usd/day

Turbobit is a free webspace to upload files, store, share your files with your other individuals, friends. Give them links to your files or download from different users using their links.

Turbobit is an over four year old file host, and it is a free net space where you might upload your files, store them, share your files with your friends by giving them links to your files, and download your companion’s files using their links. Download speed for a Turbo User is something like 1gb for every second, if your association allows it. It is progressed services of our file sharing service, such as increased download speed, an upload resume after re-association, guide join download, expanded storage time, and different advantages.

What Are The Advantages of Upgrading To Turbobit premium account?

With  Turbobit premium ( or Turbo access) you can access to progressed benefits like most extreme download speed, various parallel and resumable file downloads, more web space and storage time for files.

- Increased download speed

- No holding up to start download

- Stop/resume/parallel connections

- Upload and share files up to 100gb

- Use download managers

- Get files using standard internet browsers or use accelerators for start/stop/resume/multisession downloads

- All requested files starts quickly and pick up greatest accessible speed – numerous servers locations for best performance

- Upload your files up to 100gb or You can import files from different users (if user consented to duplicate files)

- Remote browser ftp uploads

- From 5$ / month when order yearly premium – packages from 1 week to 1 year premium

- Share files with limits – 45 days storage time (after last download time)

- Download speed for a Turbo User is around the range of 1gb for every second, if your association allows it.

- 25 Gb a day, 300 Gb for every month bandwidth

- Download starts quickly

- Notice free Downloading

- Boundless parallel downloads

- Download resumed on reconnect

- Different file download

- Upload and share files up to 100gb

- Use download managers

- Cash back insurance

- Instant Activation

- What Are The Disadvantages To Free Users Compared With Premium Users?

- Free download speed limited,very slow

- 5 Gb a day bandwidth

- File storage time 45days

- More level priority

- Holding up 30 second to start download

- One hours for every file

What Are The Uploading Option I Have If Upgrade To Premium Plan?

1) Browser upload – just move and customize files to browser window or browse content from hdd / single and simultaneous uploads possible

2) Remote upload – upload materials from different websites / other file hosting or own servers

3) Ftp Upload – most propelled technique – you can select server from list (can choose fastest server for Your

area) make different ftp accounts , after upload finished your files will be transferred to your file

board immediately or with a single click you can transfer all uploads to your record!

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